Why it’s Important to Choose the Right Realtor® for YOU!

Choosing the Realtor® that will support and advise you best is a major decision. The person you choose will ultimately be helping you find your dream home, investment property, or agricultural ground. Here are some aspects to take into account when choosing your realtor®:

1.     Contractual Knowledge

The agent will be walking you through the contract process of the buy/sell. So, someone with an extensive knowledge of the documents and their contents is key.

2.     Marketing

The person selling your property needs to have a knack for marketing, and offer many platforms to represent your property on. The firm that will stand out is one who is involved in the local associations, and in the national ones as well. For example, Mod West markets in both the Bozeman and Billings MLS, as well as Lands of America which is a national marketing platform specifically for real estate.

3.     Community Involvement

You should choose a company that is highly involved in the local community! A realtor® who is highly involved in the community equals a person who cares about the reputation of their business and name.

4.     Personal and Company Values

The realtor® you choose should be someone you trust immensely. Choosing a company with a great reputation is crucial. Be sure to choose someone who is going to make you their priority, and will respect your wishes.

At Mod West Land Company, we have your best interests at heart. Our team is very knowledgeable in all classes of real estate and will keep you informed on the contractual process.  As a company we are highly involved in our local communities, from sponsoring movie nights at the Park City football field to donating a purse to the annual Purse-a-Palooza event put on by the YWCA of Billings. We aren’t just Realtors®, we are neighbors and community members! If you would like to reach any of the agents in our office visit the Contact page for phone numbers and email addresses.

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