Spring and Summer Equine Facility Maintenance: Keeping Your Property Pristine and Functional

The importance of keeping your equine facility or horse property in top top shape throughout the year is underplayed. Keeping up on routine maintenance and ensuring the cleanliness of your property is essential to retaining the monetary value of your asset.

The barn could easily be one of the most important parts of your horse property, especially in the northern regions. A clean, organized, and well maintained space could increase the return on investment of your property. Grain and feed should be kept in containers where animals cannot get into. Aisleways and stalls should be regularly picked, swept and regularly deep cleaned. Any medicine or vaccines should be stored in a locked and climate controlled cabinet.

Pasture management is essential to maintaining healthy grasses and soils, as well as ensuring longevity of the land. The rule of thumb of rangeland management is to keep 50% of grasses on the land over winter to avoid degeneration of native grasses, and to decrease erosion of healthy soils. Invasive species and weeds should be sprayed to create room for native plants to grow. Fences and gates should be inspected yearly before animals are turned out and regular maintenance should be performed.

Arena upkeep is important to the health and safety of both riders and horses. Dragging the dirt in the arena will keep the footing level and help to avoid water accumulation in low areas. Equipment should be maintained regularly and kept clean. Regular inspections and oil changes should be performed. Water systems should also be maintained regularly. Cleanings should be done often to ensure good water quality and prevent algae growth. Inspections that are done regularly of the plumbing system will stop larger problems from occurring and minimize the amount of work that needs to be done.

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