Home Maintenance tasks for Fall

Home maintenance is incredibly important. If homes are kept up it can affect the resale price, the length of the home selling process, and money put into your home in the long run. As summer winds down, it is good practice to start thinking about taking on some maintenance tasks before winter comes in. Below is a list of tasks that will help you maintain your home and its beauty:

  1. Clean Out Gutters                                                                                                                                Doing this will prevent build up when rainstorms and melt off come in the spring.
  2. Replace/Clean Out Air Filters                                                                                                  Replacing the air filters in your furnace/ac unit should be done at the beginning of each new season. This helps furnaces last longer and keeps up good air quality.
  3. Blow Out Sprinkler Lines                                                                                                        Sprinkler lines should be blown out at the end of summer to prevent broken pipes and sprinkler heads!
  4. Repair Walkways
  5. Fertilize the Lawn                                                                                                                          Fertilizing the lawn in the fall will ensure that your grass comes back green and beautiful in the spring.
  6. Organize and Put Up Summer Equipment                                                                         Keeping your summer equipment organized and put away will keep them in good condition and will make it easy to find when you need them in a few months.
  7. Clean up the Fireplace                                                                                                                      If fireplaces aren’t taken care of properly in your home, it could cause major damage. Chimney fires could lead to a much larger fire. Be sure to run a brush down the chimney to knock down debris, bird nests, and any other possibly hazardous materials.

The internet is an amazing tool! If you are looking for easy, do it yourself instructions check there. Keeping up on home maintenance makes the selling process much easier and less stressful. For more insight or real estate consultation head to the CONTACT part of our website to find contact information for the best agents in the business!

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